Tahquitz Creek Legend – A Golf Review

GGG had occasion to travel to Palm Springs for an enchanted wedding between dear friends. In between events, we snuck out to Tahquitz Creek Legend golf course for 18 rounds of fun in the desert sun. Here are our thoughts on the beautiful Tahquitz Creek Legend golf course surrounded by palm trees and mountains. Continue reading “Tahquitz Creek Legend – A Golf Review”

Golf’s Life Lessons – Why your child should play golf

The available number of sports for your little one are vast, more so now than ever. The options are endless and the pressure to chose the right one, is often immense. As parents, we often direct our children into one sport or another. Maybe it is because you played soccer and want your child to love it like you did. Perhaps it is the primary available sport at your child’s school. Whatever the reason, encouraging participation in sports is a critical role of parents. Sports teach us many things, but here at GGG, we feel strongly that golf’s life lessons provide an invaluable foundation for your child.

Callaway Golf

Continue reading “Golf’s Life Lessons – Why your child should play golf”

Why use a hybrid golf club – A beginner golfer’s best friend

This article speaks to the beginner women golfer or the recreational women golfer who enjoys the game but does not spend hours each week perfecting her swing – basically most of us! There are few things more frustrating for GGG than hitting a beautiful drive straight down the middle of the fairway, only to completely botch the second shot with a 4 iron. In researching this issue, GGG learned we were not alone in our experience. This got us thinking, could there be others who could use an answer to the question – Why use a hybrid golf club? We think so. Continue reading “Why use a hybrid golf club – A beginner golfer’s best friend”

Sunscreens Without Oxybenzone Octinoxate – Protection that Works

At GGG, we spend a lot of time in the sun and sunscreen is our golf cart co-pilot. On a recent beach vacation, an 8-year old girl in the GGG family woke up with a completely swollen face. So swollen, in fact, she could not open her eyes. She had no other symptoms – just a swollen, angry little face. Trial, error, allergy testing and patience revealed she had a severe allergy to the ingredients in the sunscreen she was using. Specifically, she was allergic to oxybenzone and octinoxate. Continue reading “Sunscreens Without Oxybenzone Octinoxate – Protection that Works”

Best Women’s Golf Shoes – Toe to Toe Comparison

GGG loves shoes, but has had a complicated relationship with golf shoes. High quality traditional leather shoes are stiff and take a very long time to break in, making for some frustrating rounds. They are also heavy and not super breathable. We find the styling on traditional golf shoes outdated and not very attractive. For us, the best women’s golf shoe has the following attributes: stylish, breathable, comfortable, and low profile. Why did we choose these categories? Continue reading “Best Women’s Golf Shoes – Toe to Toe Comparison”

Dreams Playa Mujeres Resort and Golf – Review

As part of GGG’s mission to bring to golf to everyone, we will occasionally review golf courses and golf resorts. Recently, we headed to Cancun, Mexico for Spring Break.

Dreams  Playa Mujeres is a golf resort in Cancun, Mexico about 10 miles north of downtown Cancun. Dreams Playa Mujeres is one of more than 55 properties throughout Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and more, owned an operated by AM Resorts. Dreams is a couples and family friendly resort. Other AM Resorts properties are adults only. Continue reading “Dreams Playa Mujeres Resort and Golf – Review”

Best Golf Clubs for Women Beginners

Making the investment in quality clubs is a stressful endeavor. On the one hand, you understand quality clubs will improve your overall game. However, on the other hand, you do not want to spend a fortune on clubs when you are just starting out. Even worse, you have no idea what to look for in a new set of clubs, but just want the best golf clubs for women beginners. Continue reading “Best Golf Clubs for Women Beginners”

10 Basic Golf Rules – Guide for the Beginner

USPGA posted its rules for 2019 and it was nearly 134 pages long. There are 24 rules, each of which has at least three sub-rules, amounting to more than 100 rules. That’s a bit overwhelming, even for the seasoned player. Players new to the game need not memorize the entire list of rules, but should be acquainted with the 10 basic rules of golf. Continue reading “10 Basic Golf Rules – Guide for the Beginner”

How to Play Golf Cheap – Saving Green on the Green

A barrier for many would-be-golfers is the cost. Not only does the initial investment run high between clubs, gear and accessories, every game comes with a price. Whether you are paying for each game played or paying a membership fee at a private club, golf is never free. For many, this keeps them away from the game completely. GGG wants everyone to play golf. Everyone. It is in that spirit that we provide a helpful guide on how to play golf cheap – or at least how to reduce the cost as much as is reasonable so everyone can enjoy the greens. Continue reading “How to Play Golf Cheap – Saving Green on the Green”